Garrison Body

3150 Orleans St # 28261, Bellingham 98228, Massachusetts United States

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Diet - Nutrition - Personal Training

Whether you are in great shape and want to remain healthy, or, struggling to lose fat and become healthy, Garrison Body is your first choice for information.

Garrison Body has charts to track your eating. You can calculate your daily caloric intake, your caloric expenditure, and know how many calories you are either "over" for the day, or "under" for the day.

Surprisingly most people are not eating enough food in a day and that is why they can't get rid of the fat. If your body is forced into storing all your food daily, there is only one way to store food in a body - fat. If you don't eat enough food, your body will store.

Using the calculators you can figure out how many calories you burn daily so you'll know how many calories you need to eat daily. The number of times per day you eat is critical. If you eat 5 or 6 times per day, that's perfect! But, you have to be careful to only eat the number of calories your body requires.

Contrary to popular belief, there is NO way to "trick" your body into doing what "YOU" want. It's all about science and biology - neither of which you can change. So don't think you can force your body to do something of which it's not capable.

The more you understand about the biology of how the body works, the healthier you will become. But you cannot change the way the body works.

If you need a diet plan, a personal trainer, or just general health information, Garrison Body is your "health guru".

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